Where can you experience the best views in Batumi?

17 May, 2024

Where can you experience the Best Views in Batumi?

If you want to take memorable photos or just love the nature and want to enjoy its beauty, while traveling to Adjara, we recommend visiting the best views in Batumi listed below.

Jvari (The Cross)

Jvari (The Cross) is located in Gonio, away from the center of Batumi, and is a symbol of the local mountain. You can easily get there by taxi or car. However, if you aren’t traveling by car and want to visit the place for more of a budget friendly price, you will have to take the bus from Batumi to Gonio and then continue the journey on foot.

Despite the fact that a plethora of tourists and churchgoers visit Jvari, still, the atmosphere is a lot calmer than in the city center, as Jvari’s location is so far away from the buzz of the city. However, you will not be disappointed if your decide to go there. A gorgeous view of the green nature, the city and the beach can be seen from Jvari. It is a perfect place for those who are not afraid to walk a few extra kilometres if needed to take different photos.

Cable Car “Argo”

The upper station of the cable car “Argo” is located at 256 metres above sea level and it only takes 15 minutes to reach it. 20 eigth-seater gondolas can transport up to 500 passengers in one hour. Once you reach the upper station, a wonderful sight awaits you - a beautiful landscape of Batumi can be seen from an observation deck. The most beautiful period is the sunset here. You can even take a closer look at your desired places with the help of the binoculars mounted on the deck.

View from observation deck

The scenery isn’t the only thing you’re going to love. You will also find a few interesting spots. Firstly, it is worth to mention, that the upper station has a cafe-bar, where you can get a taste of local cuisine and various alcoholic beverages. The cafe offers a panoramic view that creates a particularly cozy atmosphere during sunset.

Alcohol lovers will also find a wine shop there, where you can buy a desired bottle of wine from a selection of Georgian varieties. In addition, you can buy memorable gifts and objects in the nearby souvenir shop. A purchase made at “Argo” facilities will definitely help you remember the positive emotions and memories you experience in Batumi.

Wine store

If you’re a fan of folk music and traditional dances, seasonal performances held at the upper station of “Argo” might also peak your interest. In the evenings, local performers hold unforgettable shows and introduce a part of Georgian culture to be proud of to the guests.

Batumi Panoramic Wheel

Batumi Panoramic Wheel

Would you like to enjoy a fun ride with your kids where you can enjoy the best views in Batumi? Then the Batumi Panoramic Wheel is a choice for you. The so-called Ferris Wheel has been decorating the city for more than 10 years. It is located in Batumi Boulevard and is 55 metres high. The full journey on the wheel lasts for 10 minutes and in this short time the visitor has an opportunity to view Batumi and its coastline from high up. A particularly beautiful sight awaits you in the evening, when the sky gets painted in a thousand magnificent colors.

Sky Bar “Nephele”

The Sky Bar “Nephele” is located in Batumi, on the 20th floor of the Hilton Hotel. The mountains of Adjara, the city of Batumi and the sea can be seen equally well from the bar. You can freely enjoy the most beautiful scenery from the terrace and the main hall alike.

Sky Bar “Nephele”

You will find Georgian, European and Asian cuisine here. Additionally, you can order alcoholic beverages as well. Eating delicious meals with tasteful music playing in the background and enjoying the panoramic view from the 20th floor - what else do you need for pleasure?

Batumi Sea Port

Batumi Sea Port

Aside from a cargo terminal, Batumi Sea Port also has one for passengers, where various large and small private marine vessels stop. If you’re afraid of heights or just love different and memorable adventures, you can enjoy the Batumi view from the sea as well. You will be able to sail on the sea, relax and watch the sunset right from the sea. You will never forget this seemingly unusual but completely logical way of viewing the city.

Alphabet Tower

Alphabet Tower

The Alphabet Tower is located just 20 metres from the sea, in Batumi Boulevard. Its height reaches 130 metres and the exterior is decorated with 33 Georgian letters of the alphabet. This gorgeous building was built in 2011 and its architects is Alberto Domingo Cabao.

There’s a restaurant, an open terrace and an observatory on the top floors of the tower. From there, you get a wonderful view of the mountains, the city and the sea. The tower rotates at 360 degrees and allows you to enjoy the scenery of Batumi for an hour.

It is worth noting, that the Tower has conference halls and VIP rooms as well, which makes it the best place for business meetings, weddings, banquets, presentations or romantic evenings. If you’re planning an event or just want to go on a date and are looking for an interesting place. the Alphabet Tower is one of the best options out there.

Panorama Restaurant

Do you wonder where you can have lunch or dinner with the best views in Batumi? “Panorama” Restaurant is a perfect place for that. It is the largest restaurant complex in Adjara. The main creator of the restaurant is originally from Abkhazia and wanted to build a unique facility. The place welcomed its first guests in 2022.

“Panorama” is located on the 31-34th floors of the Orbi Sea Towers complex and combines 4 different spaces:

  • 31th floor: here you will find traditional Georgian food and appropriate interior.
  • 32nd floor: a terrace, where a variety of different events are often held. A banquet hall with a panoramic view is also located here. You will be able to take beautiful commemorative photos in the photo zone. As for the music, various DJ sets are frequently held on the terrace.
  • 33rd floor: cult of wine - you’ll find everything and anything related to wine on this floor. You will be able to taste excellent wine and buy accessories for wine as well.
  • 34th floor: “Panorama on the Roof” - you can look over the whole city with an unlimited angles from this space. Here’s a cocktail-bar and a stage, which has hosted many events before. It is the best place for a wedding ceremony, as you will be able to enhance an already beautiful day with an amazing view of the city and the sea.

Aside from the beautiful view, you will find delicious dishes, rare wine, tasteful music and good service at “Panorama” restaurant. The staff is fully trained and adhere to the European service standards. It should also be noted, that masterclasses, DJ sets and concerts are often held there.