Top things to see in Batumi

13 May, 2024

Top things to see in Batumi

Batumi is a wonderful coastal city with a plethora of places full of sights and entertaining activities. Whether you visit for tourism or business meetings, you will definitely try and google “top things to see in Batumi”. For this exact reason, to find out which sights you can visit in Batumi and how to spend your time enjoyably, we suggest that you read our blog til the end and take the useful recommendations into account.

Cable car “Argo”

The entertainment complex “Argo” | Panoramic views | Beautiful views of the sea and the mountains.

Cable car “Argo”

If you decide to visit Batumi, here are some special places you need to visit during your stay.

When you end up in Batumi, be sure to visit the entertainment complex and the cable car “Argo” to enjoy extraordinary panoramic views over the city, the Black Sea and the mountains. The complex includes places like:

  • cafe-restaurants,
  • shopping spaces,
  • open space halls and
  • terraces.

The architectural side of the cable car Argo’s stations has been developed in London, by RTKL company. The gondolas are presented as closed type cabins that can fit 8 passengers each. As for the length of the route, it is 2586 metres. Notably, the system of the cable car is designed and manufactured by an Austrian company “Dopplemayer”.

The final destination of the cable car route is Mount Anuria, located at 256 meters above sea level.

Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden is located in Adjara, 9 kilometres from Batumi and is one of the largest and abundant botanical gardens in the world, taking up 111 hectares. The garden is well known for its variety of species and plants. The botanical garden includes the Kolkheti forest reserve and many different floristic landscapes. It should be noted, that endangered plants are actively being protected here.

Batumi Botanical Garden

The garden is divided into 3 parks. They include photogeographic sections (East Asian, Himalayan, Australian, New Zealandic, Mexican, North American, South American, Mediterranean and Transcaucasian humid suptropical section). As for the plants - citrus, camellia, rose and other unique collections are all present here.

Picnic and camping lovers can arrange the said activities in the garden. If you wish so, you can hire an excursion driver, purchase plants and even hold a wedding ceremony.

The botanical garden is a perfect place for those who love resting in the nature.

Ali and Nino - a sculpture in Batumi

While taking a walk in Batumi, you can’t miss the beautiful sights and the wonderful sculptures this city has to offer. Among those, one of the most amazing sculptures is “Ali and Nino”. The statue is located in Batumi Boulevard, 50 metres from the Alphabet Tower and the Ferris Wheel.

Ali and Nino - a sculpture in Batumi

Located along the Black Sea coast, this wonderful statue is a synchronously moving sight in the entirety of the Black Sea resort.

The name “Ali and Nino” comes from the novel of the same name written by a famous Azerbaijani author Kurban Said. It tells a tale about love between an Azerbaijani Muslim, Ali Sharvashiri, and a Georgian Christian, Nino Kipiani. The events of the novel take place in Caucasia during the First World War.

The statue consists of 8-metre figures of a man and a woman that intersect each other and become one whole. The construction has a magnificent effect on the viewer.

The “Ali and Nino” statue has become a symbol of love regardless of nationality and religion.

Such a synchronous driving force of the “Ali and Nino” sculpture is sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard - a wonderful place for vacationers in Batumi, a recreational zone, as well as a monument of cultural heritage, with 4 historical alleys, a bicycle path, a 7 kilemetre walking space and other various features. The boulevard with its continuous development cycle has become one of the best places in the city where you can freely relax and rest at any time of the day.

Batumi Boulevard

A gorgeous classic fountain, “Ali and Nino”, a woman on a bicycle, a dancing fountain in lake Ardagani, the Batumi lighthouse, the Alphabet Tower, central dancing fountains, Batumi clonnades and many other sights that you can visit in Batumi Boulevard.

When visiting Batumi, be sure to visit an amazingly verdured and beautifully lit wonder created on the Black Sea coastline - Batumi Boulevard.

Alphabet Tower

The Alphabet Tower was one of the tallest buildings in Batumi before 2018.

Alphabet Tower

The tower was built in 2011, according to the project of a Spanish architect called Alberto Domingo Cabo.

At the top of the Batumi Alphabet Tower is a tourist information centre, a revolving panoramic restaurant, an open terrace and an observatory.

The panoramic restaurant revolves at 360 degrees and the visitors are able to witness the views of the beautiful city, mountains and the Black Sea from the Alphabet Tower.

The moving restaurant can be distinguished by its unique concept. It rotates in a full circle for 60 minutes. In the restaurant located at the Alphabet Tower you can enjoy delicious meals and the variety of Georgian cuisine.

The ideology behind the tower clearly expresses the love and respect of Georgians for their native language. Thus, the author of the idea managed to show the identity of the Georgian people in a pretty original manner.

Piazza Batumi

If you’re looking for a place full of live music, interesting architecture, children’s entertainment centres, cafes and restaurants in Batumi, then Piazza is the place for you. It stands out for its beautiful paintings, marquetry and stained glasses.

Piazza is undoubtedly special for its largest figurative marble mosaic in all of Europe and remarkable painting, marquetry and stained glass pieces. Yes, this is a place that you absolutely need to see when coming to Batumi.

Miniature Park - Entire Georgia in the Palm of Your Hand

Let us present you yet another extraordinary place that you must visit if you decide to travel to Adjara. It is called a “Miniature Park”. Georgia is represented in miniature size on 2 hectare space. The main purpose of the park is to give you an idea about the rich cultural heritage and the ancient architecture of Georgia.

Therefore, at the coastal resort of Guria called Shekvetili you can view Georgia as if it was on the palm of your hand. This unique park offers miniature versions of up to 60 historical monuments and significant architectural buildings from different parts of Georgia.

Musical Park in Batumi

Have you heard about the Musical Park in Batumi?

We would like to introduce another wonderful place.

Musical Park in Batumi

The Musical Park offers a variety of different activities to its visitors. It is filled with recreational spaces, beautiful fountains, wooden sculptures, walking paths, a stage. A designated space in the park is adorned with music of various musicians, whose monuments are located in their vicinity. Both Georgian and Foreign maestros are represented. In the park you will also find a unique variety of perennial plants. All of this takes up over 21 hectares.

There is a social space surrounded by trees in the musical park. This helps the vacationers get closer to the nature and have an enjoyable time.

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock is an architectural sight that is located at old Batumi, on the tower of the National Bank of Georgia.

Astronomical Clock

The clock was made in Germany and is identical to the one installed on the Prague Town Hall.

The Astronomical Clock, equipped with a special mechanism, can not only show us the given time, but help us find out the astronomical information. Seeing a sight like this will undoubtedly be interesting for tourists who are passionate about astrology and even for those who are not. What does the clock show us in particular? The positions of the sun, the moon, the constellations and the planets. It also shows the meridian, the horizon, the movement of the sun at sunrise and sunset, the age of the moon and the actual movement of the moon around the earth.

There is a board in front of the clock that simply explains the purpose and the rules of use of the astronomical clock.

Visit this extraordinary place and learn about the astrological wonders.

The Neptute Fountain

The Neptune Fountain - a monumental fountain located in Batumi, in front of the Batumi Drama Theatre, in a square. It consists of 5 fragments. There is a golden statue of Neptune standing on a pedestal in the center and around it is a fountain, which represents a composition of 4 mermaid figures.

The Neptute Fountain

The gilded figure of Neptune on the fountain with its divine gesture expresses the ability to calm and control the waters. The original 16th century Neptune Fountain of this monument is located in Bologna, Italy, on the Neptune Square. The statue of Neptune in the center of the fountain and the heraldic shields were gilded in 2011.

Keep the recommendations we shared about the top things to see in Batumi in mind while you visit the city. Choose a desired location and spend an unforgettable time with your friends and loved ones.