Alternative Batumi Tourist Spots

23 May, 2024

Alternative Batumi Tourist Spots

If you’re in Batumi and want to see more than just the traditional touristy places, then you should check out alternative Batumi tourist spots. Art lovers will especially enjoy enjoy these places. A city filled with street art, statues and gardens gives you a chance to post a diverse selection of photos on your social media platforms. We present a list of places below that will give you a different perspective of Batumi, and Georgia in general.

Multilingual stairs at the Cable Car “Argo”

Cable Car “Argo” has been active for more than 10 years and is a popular spot to hang out for many people. The upper station of the cable car is located at 256 metres above sea level and you can see a beautiful view of Batumi and its surroundings from there. A journey from the lower station to the upper station takes 15 minutes, which allows you to perceive the beauty of Batumi’s landscape minute by minute.

Once you arrive at the upper station, you will be met with plethora of entertainment - a cafe, wine and souvenir shops, folk performances, etc.. Foreign tourists are especially wowed by multilingual stairs, because greetings are written on different languages on each step. These colorful stairs are a wonderful place to take photos at.

The Kupata Mural

The Kupata Mural

The kupata Mural is a painting on the wall of one of the buildings in Batumi depicting a local celebrity dog, named Kupata. Kupata’s head is adorned by a golden crown and he has the cutest, most lively look in his eyes.

Kupata’s story became known a few years ago to the general public, when his video went viral on social media. The entire country of Georgia got to know this cute dog who helped little kids cross the zebra crossing. Aside from helping children, Kupata frequently “scolded” disobedient drivers with his barks.

Despite the fact that Kupata is no longer with us, his kindness and cuteness will live on for years to come with the help of this mural. Whether you are an animal lover or just want to pay a tribute to the Kupata’s work, you should definitely visit the mural.

Bellevue Podium

Bellevue Podium is a street that connects Hilton Hotel and the Bellevue Residence Batumi in its vicinity. This space between two multi-storey buildings combines premium brand shops, a market, restaurants, a bank, an aesthetic centre and many other facilities. Here you will be able to shop in famous brand shops, like:

  • Harmont & Blaine
  • Karl Lagerfield
  • Tsikolia
  • etc.

In addition to utilizing the services provided by the facilities present in this area, you can also take pictures on Bellevue Podium. Different and luxurious atmosphere creates an environment for amateur and professional photoshoots alike that is not easily forgettable.

The Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Mural

The Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Mural

In recent years the world has gotten to know who Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is. However, if you still don’t know that name, don’t worry, we will introduce him to you right away.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is a Georgian football player who stared his career in 2007, in “Dinamo-Tbilisi”. Throughout the years, Khvicha’s abilities has attracted many foreign teams’ attention. Since 2022, he is arguably one of the best players of an Italian football club “Napoli”. Whether it’s a little kid or an old man - everyone knows his name.

Khvicha’s Italian success has become a source of motivation and inspiration for many people, especially young people. And that is why, in 2023, a portrait of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia was painted on one of the facades of Shota Rustaveli University in Batumi.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia’s Mural ending up in the list of Alternative Batumi Tourist Spots will probably make football lovers especially happy. Be sure to visit this place during your stay in Batumi to take lots of memorable photos with Khvicha.

“I love you” Street Art

Love is a feeling everyone has experienced at least once in their life, but verbalizing our feelings may become difficult sometimes. For those who have decided to visit Alternative Batumi Tourist Spots and want to express love to their loved one, the street art with the phrase “I love you” written all over it is an ideal place.

Upon arrival, you will find an ordinary wall with what looks like a thousand I love yous written all over it. Whether you want to express your love for the first time or remind your partner about your feelings in an original way, you definitely need to go there. You don’t necessarily need to be expressing your love in a romantical context. Whether it’s your mother, a friend, a child or a significant other, simply sending them a picture of the wall will be enough.

Interactive Street Art of Cable Car “Argo”

Interactive Street Art of Cable Car “Argo”

Cable Car “Argo” has not lost relevance for a long time. Its upper station is located at 256 metres above sea level and you can view a beautiful landscape ob Batumi from up there. The journey from the lower station up to the upper station takes just 15 minutes. Additionally, a total of 20 eight-seater gondolas are running, so the cable car can transport up to 500 passengers in one hour.

“Argo” is not only a mean of transport. When your arrive at the upper station, lots of interesting places and activities await you. Among those is the interactive wall art for those who want to take original and fun photos for Instagram.

Is the ability to fly your lifelong dream? No problem. Colorful wings will greet you at the “Argo” station. Maybe you want to be the strongest person in the universe, but you still have a long way to go? Don’t fret, you can borrow the muscles at the interactive wall at “Argo”. Whether you are riding an imaginary bicycle or sitting on a swing and enjoying the gentle breeze, the photos taken at the colorful wall of “Argo” will make sure you remember the emotions of a time well spent for a long time.

Sculptures of Batumi Boulevard

You will find a number of interesting and fun sculptures while walking in the Batumi Boulevard. They are intended as the backgrounds of characteristic photos and attract local and foreign tourists alike.

Sculptures of Batumi Boulevard

Among the sculptures are:

  • WHERE - a construction which depicts the Englis worde where (Georgian: სად). It is characterized by the arrows in the slits, which are related to the content of the statue.
  • Hearts - you may find different types of hear-shaped sculptures along the Boulevard. Some hearts are created by a couple with their bodies, some are given as gifts, and others are held by the dancing figures. Finding a suitable sculpture for you will not be difficult.

If you decide to enjoy a walk in the Batumi Boulevard, be sure to take photos with as many statue-constructions as you can. You can even turn it into a game and challenge your friends to take pictures with the most amount of sculptures.

Statue and Waterfall of the Apostle Andrew the First

Statue and Waterfall of the Apostle Andrew the First

Saint Andrew the First is considered as one of the first people to bring Christianity to Georgia. He entered the country through Batumi. To honor this, a statue of the saint was created in Sarpi, Khelvachauri Municipality. The monument is cut from stone and a beautiful waterfall flows next to it. You will have an opportunity to take magnificent photos with this as the background.

The statue was officially opened in 2008 and is located 12 kilometres from Batumi. You can get there by car, minibus, bus or taxi. The best option is to hire a guide and see this place as part of a tour.

Japanese Garden

Those who love Eastern Asian Culture can visit one of the most beautiful corners of Batumi Boulevard - the Japanese Garden. It was cultivated in 2015 and includes Japanese design elements and landscaping. Within a 1000 square metre space you will not only find the plants that are characteristic to Japan, but also cultural elements like:

  • Torii
  • Natural stone paths
  • Kasugas
  • Crossing bridges
  • etc.

“Octopus” Cafe

 “Octopus” Cafe

The building decorated with colorful mosaics in the shape of a tentacled marine animal has become one of Batumi’s most well known places since its opening. Everyone calls it “Octopus” because of its visuals, but the cafe was actually called “Fantasy” when it first opened.

The building is a cafe and a statue at the same time. It is located in Batumi Boulevard and was built in 1975. The structure has an iron frame and is decorated with colorful mosaics and smalt. Other marine creatures on top of the octopus are also decorated with mosaics. The symbol of Batumi, the dolphins, are among them.

The colorful octopus is especially popular among tourists, because it is a great place to take memorable photos. If you get tired while taking a walk in Batumi Boulevard and want to sit down somewhere, you should definitely consider visiting the “Octopus”. Upon arrival, you will be able to relax and take many memorable pictures.