Mementos from ARGO

Unique handmade objects and various companies serial productions pieces of Georgian culture and art turned into symbols of Georgia history and present are one more refined and special choice for Argos guests

The guests of cultural-entertainment arent only greeted by the perfect place for relaxation entertainment fulfilling gastronomic wishes and spending time with loved ones they also find something that is even more tangible and memorable something you can take and make yours something that will forever preserve and remember the time on Argo in Batumi in Adjara and generally in Georgia.

Decorative plates, martial weapons, dolls, hats, shirts, jewelry, various cutlery and toys, ship models, magnets based either on local ethnography or the sea, flags... traditional souvenirs or gift items with completely unexpected and original concepts behind them - - the work of designer companies and individual Georgian artists.

Items that are 'accompanied' with sun and a sandy coast and items that 'narrate' about landscapes of the Georgian sea and mountains, historic monuments, or any other landmarks. There might be a symbol of Kakheti, or Imereti, or Svaneti, or Guria, or Adjara, of course, or even the thing that unites all of it - - here you will find all of Georgia’s regions and eras.

Dolls dressed in traditional clothing; cups, vials, jugs, and qvevris; various clay products; Colorful stones, bracelets, neckties, and other precious jewelry made of shells; Historic ships and an endless interpretation of the sea theme; daggers, swords, traditional Georgian weaponry, and other examples of the art of engraving; Bags, belts, hats, and scarves - - everything you can gift to yourself or a loved one, present to a guest, or even pick and take them to any other country.

Island of souvenirs -- and an interesting place for 'Argo’s' guests, whether they are Georgian citizens or tourists, regular and unexpected, original, creative, or tried and proven ways for winning the hearts of both foreigners and local friends; to remember your adventure and emotions... and to definitely come back to 'Argo.'