Wine Corner at ARGO

High standards of service, degustation option and wide of wine assortment – dry, sweet, fortified or sparkling red and white wines; In addition, several qvevri wines and chacha – the full scope of Georgian production and impressive range of diversity all in one “corner”.

Here you’ll see wine from small wineries and big companies, famous brands, for dining or for collections, and samples from limited pours. Wide choice of wines made with different technology and methods - the journey through the past and present of Georgian wineries, a Georgian adventure of wine and viticulture.

'Georgian wine map': as in any other place in ARGO’s complex, in 'wine corner,' history and the present also create a whole, harmonious space. New and old brands of Georgian wine - qvevri wines made with unique breeds of wine grapes, a bioproduction from different wineries, companies, and family businesses - the extensive Georgian wine map and menu, one more place for 'wine tourists' to visit.

'Price of good wine': Those who live in or are frequent visitors to the 'birthplace of wine' and know what a good wine means or want to find it will undoubtedly find themselves in ARGO at the 'wine corner' while visiting Batumi. High quality, price, and choice for all kinds of desires and capabilities - a place where you can acquire not just any wine, but the best wine.

'Millenniums of ceaseless culture': In Georgia, there are recorded more than 500 unique, local breeds of grape vine. Ancient Georgian traditional qvevri wine-making method, which is at least eight thousand years old, is also included on the UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Archeology has confirmed ancient traces of wineries on Georgian territory. 'Wine corner' is yet another symbol of those millenniums, of this long road - the 'Ethno- and Enoaccent' of the cultural-entertainment complex for wine lovers, wine connoisseurs, or wine seekers guests of ARGO.