Top 10 places to Visit in Batumi

21 May, 2024

Top 10 places to Visit in Batumi

If you are interested in traveling to Adjara and want to find top 10 places to visit in Batumi, you’re on the right track - you couldn’t start your trip to the Georgian seaside from a better place. You will find many beautiful places and diverse environment in Batumi. There is something for everyone - for people who love the nature, the food, the culture and even shopping. Below are 10 places that will make your visit in Batumi unforgettable.

Cable Car and Entertainment Center “Argo”

Cable Car “Argo” has been operating for more than 10 years already and it is as relevant as ever. The upper station of the cable car is located at 256 metres above sea level and you can witness a beautiful view of Batumi from there. Reaching the upper station only takes 15 minutes and up to 500 passengers can be transported in one hour. There are 20 gondolas in total and each of them can accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers. Sunset creates a particularly marvelous scene there, so much so that it will leave no person indifferent. Cable Car “Argo” is a perfect place if you want to enjoy the view of the coast and the city.

Once you reach the upper station of Cable Car “Argo”, you’ll be met with a viewing deck. A beautiful landscape of the city, the sea and the port can be seen from there. It is worth noting, that there are several lookout points on the deck located at 256 metres above sea level. You have an opportunity to freely view the desired place in more detail and, technically, from up close.

The charm of the upper station isn’t just enjoying a beautiful view. At arrival, you will also be welcomed by a cafe-bar, where you can have dinner with a background of a panoramic view. You will be able to taste delicious dishes of the local cuisine. A particularly cozy atmosphere is created at sunset, when the sea and this big burning star merge and create a beautiful harmony of colors.

Those who love drinking alcoholic beverages will also find a wine shop there. You will be able to choose a bottle of wine for your taste - familiar or completely new to you. You can move on to the souvenir shop from there, where you can see a number of themed works. Buy a souvenir for yourself or your loved one in the shop so that you never forget your visit in this beautiful city. Your purchase will surely remind you of the unforgettable time you spent taking a journey on the Cable Car “Argo”.

Free folk shows are held seasonally in “Argo”

Additionally, free folk shows are held seasonally in “Argo”. Performers of Georgian traditional songs and dances will hold unforgettable performances from 8 PM. You will have an opportunity to experience Georgian polyphony and century-old dances in a live setting.

Sky Bar Nephele

Sky Bar “Nephele” is located on the 20th floor of the Hilton Hotel in Batumi. The entirety of Batumi can be seen from the bar as if it’s in the palm of your hand. You can taste Georgian, European and Asian cuisines, which makes it easier for people with different tastes to choose the desired dish.

Sky Bar Nephele

Aside from savoring delicious food and tasteful music, you can enjoy the view from the 20th floor. You can see the mountains, the city landscape and the coast equally well from there. The bar also offers alcoholic beverages. The most outstanding one is the wine made in Kvevri. Making wine using this technique is among the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Restaurant Terrassa Askaneli

Restaurant-Terrassa Askaneli is a great choice for those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, especially wine. A business established by “Askaneli Brothers” in 1998 keeps being successful to this day. The company not only produces alcoholic beverages, but also promises an unforgettable time to the guests of the restaurant.

“Terrassa-Askaneli” consists of three floors and offers a restaurant, a terrace and a wine club. The menu is quite diverse and you will be able to taste Georgian and world cuisine alike. Additionally, “Askaneli” holds professional wine-tasting masterclasses for wine lovers.

A pleasant environment, delicious food, live music, multi-year experience of making alcoholic beverages - all of this awaits you if you decide to visit “Askaneli” terrassa, restaurant and wine club.

Batumi Archaeological Museum

Batumi Archaeological Museum belongs to the list of top 10 places to visit in Batumi. The museum was founded in 1994 and mainly comprises of items found in South-Western Georgia. You will find artifacts in the exhibition halls that belong to the stone, bronze, Hellinistic, Byzantine and even late medieval ages. The “oldest residents” of the museum are the stone tools that can be dated 300-400 thousand years. In addition to the tools, visitors can view ceramics, figurines, jewelry, coins and other exhibits from different eras.

The museum has two functioning exhibition halls: the scientific-popular exposition and the gold treasure exhibition. Since 1998, a joint exposition in cooperation with the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University has been going on. As a result of this, a plethora of new exhibits have been added to the Batumi Archaeological Museum.

The museum is easy to find and accessible by public transport. You can buy tickets online. It is also worth noting that the museum often holds masterclasses.

Bellevue Podium

Bellevue Podium is a connecting street between Hilton Hotel and the nearby Bellevue Residence Batumi. A space between these twin buildings combines premium brand shops, a market, restaurants, a bank, an aesthetic center and a number of other facilities. You will find shops of famous brands like: TWINSET, Harmont & Blaine, Karl Lagerfield, TUTTO UMMO, Tsikolia, etc. It is a perfect place for those who want to save time by using services of the businesses here.

Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden is only 9 kilometres away from the city centre. This place definitely deserves to be among the top 10 places to visit in Batumi as a tourist, because it is characterized by its specific and diverse physical-geographical conditions.

Botanical Garden

The history of the Botanical Garden starts in 1912, when its development began. Iason Gordeziani made a huge contribution to this project. You can see thousands of local and foreign plants there. The garden has 9 different sections and plants vary in each one depending on which region of the world they’re from. Additionally, the park has 3 main parts - the upper park, the lower park and the seaside park named after Giorgi Gabrichidze.

The Botanical Garden offers its visitors a variety of different services, including:

  • Viewing the graden
  • Hiring a tour guide
  • Renting an electric car
  • Wedding Ceremony services.

What’s more, you will be able to arrange picnics and camp in specially designated zones. To make sure the pleasant time and emotions follow for a long time, you can even buy a desired flower from a shop there before you leave the garden.

Batumi Dolphinarium

You can’t leave Batumi without visiting the Dolphinarium. The facility is able to provide three main services to its visitors.

The Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show

With the beginning of the tourist season, the dolphin show will be held every day except Monday. The show lasts for 35 minutes on average and animal lovers will see an unforgettable performance during this time. Dancing and playing dolphins are especially memorable for younger visitors.

Swimming with the Dolphins

Yes, you heard it right! You can also swim with the dolphins in the Dolphinarium. Make your childhood dream come true or bring happiness to your little ones! Book a swimming session with the dolphins and make the best memories.


You can view the inhabitants of the sea every day here. Entry fee for adults is pretty affordable and children can enjoy this wonderful experience for free.

Europe Square

Europe Square

Top 10 places to visit in Batumi don’t have to be hard to find or expensive. For example, Batumi’s Europe Square, or the so-called “Era Square”, is one of the most outstanding places to see in Batumi. Getting there is especially easy for those who enjoy walking. Upon arrival you will see beautiful architecture that dates back to 19-20th centuries. This adds a certain charm to this place. Additionally, there are many cafes, restaurants and a hotel, where you can relax and have a good time. A particularly memorable sight in the square is the statue of Medea holding a Golden Fleece.

Batumi Panoramic Wheel

Batumi Panoramic Wheel

Batumi Panoramic Wheel, the so-called “Ferris Wheel”, was built in 2011 by the order of Batumi City Hall. It has been one of the most attractive sights of the New Boulevard fot more than 10 years. The Wheel takes 10 minutes to complete a circle and the highest point from the ground reaches 55 metres. From this height vacationers can see a clear view of the coastline and the city. All 40 gondolas have 6 seats, which allows to serve 240 passengers at the same time.

The “Ali and Nino” Statue

The statue of “Ali and Nino” is one of the most outstanding works of art not only in Batumi, but also the entire country of Georgia. Tamar Kvesitadze, a Georgian artist, started working on the idea of this unusual iron statue in 1999. It took shape a few years later and became one of the most well-known places in Batumi.

The “Ali and Nino” Statue

The statue is original in the sense that 8-metre-tall statues of a man and a woman that are placed on a podium merge every 10 minutes. And this is an expression of love. The inspiration for the statue’s name comes from the novel of the same name by an Azerbaijani author, Kurban Said. This story depicts a love story between a Muslim man and a Christian woman, called Ali and Nino.

Do you think you have already found the top 10 places to visit in Batumi? Or on the contrary - are you interested what else you can see in Batumi and its vicinity?

If you still feel like you’re missing something even after reading the complete list, we want to offer you 2 additional places of interest. You may be limited in time, but if you visit them you will definitely be satisfied.

Dancing Fountains

Dancing Fountains

You can view the dancing fountains when you take a walk after dinnertime, at the end of a tiring day. Fountains leave the impression that they’re dancing as a result of the combined musical and laser show elements. This will for sure leave a lasting impression. You can enjoy the show until late hours of the evening.

Attraction Park “Tsitsinatela”

Attraction Park “Tsitsinatela”

Amusement Park “Tsitsinatela” is located near Batumi, in Shekvetili. It began operating in 2006 and has since entertained a plethora of children and adults. Locals associate “Tsitsinatela” with their childhood. Rides are divided into 3 main categories: children’s, family and extreme, which is sure to provide entertainment to all sorts of visitors. Alongside with 36 amusement rides, a bowling alley, a maze and a slot machine hall, you may enjoy various food facilities and shopping booths that will allow you to relax and unwind.

Keep in mind that you need to buy a card when entering the park and then deposit a desired amount of money on it so that you can use the amusement rides.