Things to do in Batumi

6 May, 2024

Things to do in Batumi | Interesting Activities

You will get a comprehensive answer in our blog on your question regarding things to do in Batumi. Batumi is a gorgeous seaside resort located in Adjara, one of the western regions of Georgia. You will be able to see the light and dynamic architecture, get introduced to the ancient history, enjoy the sunny beaches as well as parasailing and cable car rides, experience a gorgeous boulevard, Batumi Botanical Garden, tasty Adjarian cuisine, a variety of attractions and other spots full of entertainment. Cultural and recreational places alike make this city unmatched and attract many vacationers.

Things to do in Batumi when you visit Adjara only for a few days?

We will introduce you to the places you can visit and the activities you can do while visiting the seaside city of Batumi. Our tips will be useful for you:

Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard is one of the most popular sights of the city.

On the mentioned territory you will be greeted by a recreational zone that stretches over 10 kilometres and has been awarded a cultural heritage status.

The promenade of Batumi Boulevard combines 4 historical alleys, a cycling path and more than 40 000 trees and plants - all planted at different times. The space is universal for vacationers of all ages.

Batumi Boulevard has a diverse infrastructure for recreation and entertainment that is suited for guests of all tastes, their demand and satisfaction. Among those are:

  • European standard open tennis courts,
  • A yacht club that is located in the vicinity of the Ferris Wheel,
  • A veterans’ club that carries a name of the five-time world chess champion Nona Gafrindashvili.
  • An exercise space - Batumi Boulevard, which combines cultural-recreational functions, as well as the mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Finally, Batumvelo. Any guest can use a French bicycle with a special card and cycle around the vast territory of the boulevard. A total of 23 bicycle terminals are located in the city.

Batumi Boulevard has become the city’s face, where vacationers are able to have an extraordinary time at any moment during the day or night.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden is located in Adjara, 9 kilometres from Batumi, on the coastline between the debouchment of Chakvistskali River and the Green Cape.

The garden takes up a 1 kilometre long stretch of the south-western part of the coast, extending to 0-220 metre hight above sea level. From the terrace of the garden a spectacular view of the sea awaits you.

Batumi Botanical Garden has no analogues in the world. Plants from different climatic and landscape zones grow and propagate here. For example: Both Canary date palm and Japanese Sakura thrive well in this magnificent place. Therefore, many species and varieties of plants are represented in the garden.

If you are looking for extreme entertainment in Batumi, then a zipline is a choice for you. Batumi Zipline is located in the Botanical Garden. It is 500 meters in length and the full ride lasts for 40-50 seconds.

Batumi Botanical Garden is a perfect place for those who love resting in the nature.

Georgian National Dance Show

Georgian National Dance Show

Georgian National Dances, an unforgettable show and a free performance every evening at the “Argo” entertainment space. They offer a huge variety of masterclasses, children’s and different entertainment programs.

The main part of the complex is located 250 meters above sea level, on mount “Anuria”. Therefore, it offers unique views of the city, the Black Sea and the surrounding mountains.

Tsitsinatela - a variety of attractions

The attraction park “Tsitsinatela” is located in Shekvetili, between Ureki and Kobuleti.

The park manages to surprise visitors and vacationers alike with its beauty and abundance of rides.

The entertainment space has 36 amusement rides. Throughout the area you have a chance to use 8 children’s, 17 family and 11 extreme attractions. Here you will also get the slot machine hall and the labyrinth “Happy City”.

Vacationers can also visit the bowling alley and various places to eat.

The attraction park “Tsitsinatela” undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on each vacationer with its beauty, numerous entertainment spaces and abundance of fun rides.

Parasailing on Batumi coastline

Parasailing on Batumi coastline

For those who enjoy an adrenaline rush and extreme sensations, Batumi offers a numerous amount of entertaining activities.

Plan parasailing and give yourself a chance to get a glimpse of the gorgeous Batumi coastline right from the sky. Among other possibilities, you can enjoy many different means of entertainment: ziplining, renting a yacht, riding a motorboat or a jet scooter, water skiing, etc.

Adjarian cuisine and restaurant recommendations

Adjarian Khachapuri

Adjara is one of the well known regions with its diverse cuisine. Adjarian food is distinguished by its unique blend of tastes and ingredients. Statement dishes of this cuisine are: Khachapuri, Satsivi, Mtsvadi, Mchadi, Khinkali, Chkmeruli, Walnut pkhali, beans, etc.

Among Adjarian dishes Adjarian Khachapuri is the one that stands out the most with its original shape and taste. Its interesting what the versions of creation of Adjaruli Khachapuri are. Some say that the shape of the boat was given to the dough by the Lazi people, and the egg yolk seems to represent the sun setting in the sea.

You will find a wide variety of Adjarian dishes at restaurants such as Terrassa Askaneli, which is located in the most beautiful space of coastal Batumi.

You can also taste Georgian traditional and European dishes in the restaurant “Retro”. Moreover, delicious like love, the heart-shaped Adjarian Khachapuri will satisfy your cravings at cafe-restaurant “Leville”.

Black Sea coast - Batumi coastline

If you decide to visit Batumi and relax on the Black Sea coast during the hot summer days, Batumi offers a variety of activities throughout the hottest season. You can take a stroll in the Boulevard along the Black Sea coastline, or sunbathe at the beach, cool off in the sea or just enjoy a magnificent view of the sea.

The Black Sea water is characterized by its high mineralization. Climatotherapetically speaking, the water has healing properties and this is why swimming in the Black Sea is reccomended for a number of purposes. The swimming season here is active from May to October.

Batumi is particularly buzzing in summer. You can engage in many marine activities (parasailing, riding a jet ski), yachting in the sea, taking a boat ride in the lake, etc.

Be assured, that during your stay in Batumi you will always be able to create unforgettable memories.

Cable car 'Argo'

Cable car

Cable car “Argo” - another cultural, entertainment complex in Batumi.

The entertainment complex

offers beautiful views over the city, the Black sea and the mountains. The complex consists of buildings that have different purposes: restaurants, cafes, shopping spaces, open halls, a podium and terraces on the roof.

The road system for cable car “Argo”

was designed and manufactured by an Austrian company called Doppelmayer. The length of the route is 2586 metres and 20 8-seat gondolas (closed type cabins) are constantly moving at the speed of 5 metres per second. You are able to cover a one way journey in 10 minutes, and the cable car can serve 245 people in one hour.

On summer days, visitors can attend an extraordinary performance of Georgian national dances for free. Here they can taste traditional Georgian wine and delicious dishes of a unique Adjarian cuisine.

Batumi Boulevard, Cable car “Argo”, Botanical Garden, attractions, entertainment spaces and many more things that await you in Batumi, this gorgeous coastal city. And again, we assure you that the answer on your question regarding things to do in Batumi will always be comprehensive.